Hello world!

Ta daaaa!

Welcome to Scrolls, the new book focussed podcast due out in 2010 on (we hope) the Geek Syndicate website.

Hosted by Matthew Gould (he of the fruity chuckle and tidal belly) and Dion Winton-Polak (the devestatingly handsome one, waiting for inevitable revenge) we’ll be taking a monthly look at the fantasy, sci-fi and horror books we’ve read.  We’ll take a nostalgic stroll past some of the kids books that helped to shape our reading tastes as well as peeking over the shoulders of the current generation of children to see what’s got them in a spin.  There will be worship, rants and debates about the authors we love and love to hate, and we will rave on and on about the classic or embarrassing books we keep coming back to with our needle-pocked arms outstretched for just one more hit.  Toss in a pseudo-serious debate about the best short stories to read on the toilet, random insults, dry put-downs, drunken stabs at intellectualism, heavy editing and some full, frank and fractious ramblings about the various media adaptations of genre fiction that keep leaping out at us from behind the bushes with their plastic macs held wide and you have the Full Package (so to speak).

In conjuction with the podcast we’ll be posting reviews on the website and quite possibly hosting an online book group.

Right, enough of this.  I have to go to bed.  Busy couple of days ahead figuring out how to get started.  Why don’t you pick up a book while you wait.  This could take a while.


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