A start, at least…

Brilliant, ok that worked at least.  Useful experiment.  We spent a good hour and a bit nattering on Skype today as a very rough go at an actual podcast.  Confession – I scared the hell out of Mattie.  He thought we were just going to make sure that Pretty May worked, then play Lord Of The Rings Online.  I figured the sooner we started trying to actually do something the better.  I know us too well…

Resultant lessons as follows:

1 Preperation.  Yeah, we kind of have to do some.  I had a rough list, but hadn’t gone so far as to tell Matthew.  We need to be clear before we start what all the bases are that we want to cover each show.

2 Matthew doesn’t read as much as I thought he did.  Entertaining as our conversations always are (to us), I think we’ll need at least one extra host who reads lots.  I reckon Clover would be up for it, but we’ll need an extra set of headphones and a proper stand up microphone.  Hmmm, will think on this one.

3 Time limit on segments.  Phew, the time just runs away with you when you natter.  45 minutes in and we were starting to look at segment two of seven.  We just need to be more focussed on points we want to make and keep things moving along.

4 Edit.  Yeah, boy howdy we’re going to need to edit.  Fun as the conversations are there are occasional bits of dead air that don’t need to be there and times when the digressions go too far, or just too much is said.

5 Slow down.  I have a tendency to gabble, and talk over Matthew too often.

6 It’s weird hearing your own voice recorded.

So the plan of action now is that I play with the editing software to see if I can figure out how to streamline our peculiar brand of guff, add in any sound effects, music and what-have-you.  We’ll review and compare the results and when we’re happy we know what we’re doing we’ll go ahead and record Episode Zero: our pitch to the guys on Geek Syndicate.

Bring it on.


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