I’m oh so tired (shh, shh)


So, Summer (my little daughter) was up with screaming nightmares last night at 3ish.  What a three year old has to be scared of I have no idea. Maybe Santa’s beard?  Whatever.  She’s fine now, but the upshot is that daddy had to go sleep in her tiny, overly soft bed whilst she got to snuggle up next to Clover in our bed.  Our comfy-but-not-big-enough-for-the-three-of-us bed.  This left me awake at just the wrong time of night, and in my excitement about the podcast tech-testing today my ruddy brain started working.  I had all these thoughts as to stuff I could write about on this blog, thoughts about what to do or avoid on the podcast, the inevitable doubts and anxieties… sheesh.

Anyway, I’m awake now (all plans and thoughts vanished like smoke on the wind – grr) and Mattie has had to go in to work this morning, soooo time for a coffee a shave and shower before getting down to business.  Think I’ll try to come up with a sound effect or two to use in the show, and maybe a theme tune for the intro/outro.

Outro?  Extro?

I’ll say outro.


(he of the baggy eyes, swollen bladder and cricked neck)

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