Audacious, dude.

Like, totally bodacious.

I’ve just spent a good couple of hours getting to grips with the Audacious editing software.  It works!  So far I’ve just been working on our first little test from a couple of weeks back.  I’ve been able to cut a lot of wiffle and silences out.  I can now deal with both mono and stereo tracks in order to make the edited conversation seem like a continual piece.  I have even managed to import music, fade it out and fade our voices back in over the top to make it seem like we were listening to it during the conversation.

If any of you millions (cough) of readers were under the illusion that editing was just a small part of podcasting I’m here to tell you otherwise.  Phew!  I can see the editing process sucking days out of my life every month trying to knock these shows into shape.  That said, I guess that as we become more experienced at podcasting we’ll be conversing more naturally on air, we should definitely move things along quicker and be able to keep more focussed topic.  Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

I have to say, it is quite a thrill sitting down and messing about with the recordings.  Surprising how quickly I felt I was getting to grips with what needed to be cut, what stretched out and what added to make it sound better.  Bonza.

Well the proof is in the pudding I suppose.  Once I’ve sorted the last of it I’ll pop it off to Mattie for a quick compare, then it’s crunch time.

Exciting, eh?

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