Scrolls Book Group

It’s a joy to see how vast the empire of Geek has grown over the years, storming across the bastions of popular culture, sweeping aside the unimaginative hordes or converting them to our ways.  So great have our victories been, so widely have we spread our creed that sometimes it seems that there just isn’t time enough in the world to experience it all.

If you are of a certain turn of mind however you will always find spare moments and odd corners to pick up a book.  I have one for all occasions: lunch break; bog-time; bed-time; books for ploughing through on a day off; books for taking on holiday (it’s a habit, but one I have no intention of trying to break.)

It’s just brilliant to find a novel that really draws you in, takes you away from the mundane world, pushes all your imaginative buttons – but what’s really great is finding someone to talk to about it.  It doesn’t matter if you’re introducing them to a new author, indulging in a shared love of gore, bitching about pseudo-science or arguing the morality of orc/halfling love in a multi-species society.

With this in mind Scrolls Book Group will be set up to give you the opportunity to create and be a part of a virtual book community.  It offers both the chance to chew the fat about old favourites and the motivation to pick up an author, genre or title that you otherwise may not have tried.  Look out for our 2010 book list, evenly spread between fantasy, sci-fi and horror.  Each month we invite you to read the nominated book then join us in our discussions on the Geek Syndicate forums.

Like the sound of it?

See you there.


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