In the can

No, I’m not typing this from the toilet…. honestly, some people!

Episode 0, now officially titled ‘We All Have To Start Somewhere’ is fully recorded.  I only managed to edit down the Adaptation section to a polished form today, but I’m still getting to grips with Audacity.  I’ve learned a few tricks that should make the process a bit quicker so I can do the rest tomorrow.  Even if I can’t finish it by the time Clo and Summer get back home I should definitely have a final version to send Geek Syndicate by the weekend.

For the second evening in a row I’ve given advice to my co-podcasters off air and then totally ignored it myself – I’m such an idiot.  On the plus side I’m also the editor, so I get to rework my stuff until I sound more thoughtful and less wind-baggy.  No, really, you should hear the unedited version.  Alternatively I could act on Phil’s idea of editing in new material after the fact.  It might just backfire on him though…

Dion (new) :  So Phil, how long have you had illicit cravings for the next door neighbor’s dog?

Phil (edit): like I say, it’s been about five years…

Oh, the jolly japes!

Dion (the cheeky one)

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  1. Curse you and your sly editing sir!!! Anyway, it’s four years and it was the budgie not the dog so there!

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