All systems green and ready to go…

Fantastic news!

We’ve had a really good response from Barry at Geek Syndicate on our first podcast.  Despite the audio problems (which he thinks he can clear up a bit more for us) he’s rated it as a ‘blinding’ demo episode and sees no reason why it can’t actually go on the site.

With that in mind Mattie, Phil and I are now feverishly pulling together ideas for a second episode (episode 1, just to confuse people) and will be writing some reviews to go on the site as well.  Should anyone else wish to contribute their own book reviews they are more than welcome to.  Submissions should be sent to (Please be aware that there is no guarantee they will be put online however.  15 reviews of the same book would be a bit pointless after all).

Mattie, Clover and I will be attending the SFX Weekender event at Camber Sands in the first weekend of February, so we’ll have a report on that coming up, both in the blog and on the podcast.  We may even meet up with the Geek Syndicate guys whilst we’re there.

From the sound of the e-mails I’ve had from Barry all we are waiting for now is for them to increase the space on the Geek Syndicate website in order for them to be able to fit our Scrolls content in.  Exciting, eh?

Watch the skies (or this blog or… you know, Geek Syndicate) for our release into the wild in the near future.


(he of the snowed-in-ness and chilly fingers)

Right, I’m off to start researching ‘Book At Bog-Time’ now…

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