Brain bubblings

So, having been welcomed onto the Geek Syndicate Network the scary audition part is over.  As far as David and Barry are concerned we cut the mustard, which is great but also kind of scary and thrilling at the same time.  In a stunning departure from my usual ‘wouldn’t it be great if I…’ programme of events I’ve started something that a: has been completed, b: has been approved and c: looks like continuing and improving.


My brain has gone into overdrive as to what the next episode will cover and how we can progress as a podcast and improve for the future.  I’ve had a few ideas, but one thing that’s a dead cert is reporting on the SFX Weekender.  For anyone who doesn’t know SFX, it’s probably the biggest selling magazine covering sci-fi and fantasy related stuff in the UK.  I don’t know how it fares around the rest of the world but the magazine is pretty darn good and they’ve built up a massive amount of contacts over the years – from authors and comic artists to actors, script-writers, special effects teams and directors.  Anyway, they’ve set up a Convention on the first weekend of February and are dragging in some fairly major talent as guests.

(Full details can be found at trust me, this is an event you want to get to if you can.)

Armed with Scrolls t-shirts, business cards and a recording device of some kind we aim to grab some interviews with people if we can to put on this and/or subsequent episodes where appropriate.  If they run a mile or if we all just seize up in awkward embarrassement Plan B is to just have a really good time and trying not to get so blotto that we forget about it.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Phil can make it, so we’re dragooning my wife Clover into co-host duties for this segment – and if we’re not awful she may hang around for the rest of the episode.  Phil will throw rocks at us from the side-lines.

In other news Clover and/or Mattie are working on a logo for Scrolls that can grace out t-shirts, cards and blog, whilst Darren and Kevin from the rather nifty Loughborough-based band Analogue Haze are creating some original music to play us in, jiggle about in interludes and see us out after each show.  All these peripheries of course help us to forge an identity and – crucially – distract listeners from the wobbling sets and rubber monsters.

there – there will be listeners, right?  I’d hate to think we were going through all this effort for nothing.

Dion (suffering from existential dread now – thanks to my evil bubbling brain)

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