Well this is frustrating.

Next post will be all about the SFX Weekender and how brilliant that was, but tonight I was going to try posting direct onto the Geek Syndicate website.  I’ve been set up with password etc but every time I try to log on I just keep coming back to my Scrolls blog.


By the way, if somehow you’re reading this and you haven’t been on Geek Syndicate or it’s forums then shame on you.  Check them out here.

One of the forum threads is on the first book for our book group – Cabal, by Clive Barker.  Please read it, then go there and post.  We’re feeling lonely.  I just spent twenty minutes pulling together my most insightful thoughts and questions only to be kicked out without the damned thing posting.  I’m debating whether to try again tonight or leave it.

Bum.  Again.

Recording Episode 1 (the second episode… don’t question it, just go with the flow) on Saturday and introducing the world to my lovely wife Clover – described by Barry from the Geek Syndicate as a ‘very fine wench.’  Make of that what you will, but I’m not about to disagree…

Ok, that’s me.  Back to podcasty preperations…

Dion.  (He of the frozen fingers, cursing the plumber and his lack of just-being-here-and-fixing-the-damned-heating-now!-ness-ness.  Ness.)

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