I’ll squeem and squeem and squeem until I’m thick

So, having recorded SFX, Bogs and Mind C’ntrol I was on a bit of a high.  It didn’t all go perfectly, but you can’t expect it to.  Some things were said that came out wrong, I missed saying some things that I wanted to altogether, a few times the conversation went into a dead end then hopped over the wall and became something else entirely and the sound quality was going to be pretty bad thanks to a duff hissy new microphone which is going straight in the bin (thankfully only £7 wasted at Curry’s.  Could have been worse).  A shrug of the shoulders.  Editing can do wonders, I thought and I could see it as a challenge, except…

except that despite seeing the file on my skype recorder the damn thing just won’t play.  It won’t show up on my editing software.  It doesn’t seem to exist in an audio format, just as a useless lump taking up space on my hard-drive. (Any jokes you want to insert here, please post as a comment.)

It may be salvagable.  I’m looking at a couple of leads now,  but I have a horrible feeling we’re going to have to record the whole thing again.  I could just scream.  Anyway, it seems like we’ll be a bit late getting the episode out, so if you’re reading this and you care, I’m sorry.  If you’re not, or you don’t then why am I typing this?  I don’t know.

Dion. (Confused again)

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  1. Sorry to hear about the problems. Hopefully these will just be teething issues.

  2. If only – guess what? We re-recorded last night. I was chuffed because it came out better. Then we went to check it… Seems only 2 minutes and twenty seconds are recorded. Why? Not a clue. On the call recorder the whole three hour rambling non-edited conversation seems to be there, but I’m blowed if I can access it via the editor or any other way. I’m pulling out the hairs on my head one by one at this point.

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