Believe The Hype

I’ve done what I can to keep our profile in the minds of the Geek Syndicate Network audience with regular updates on the forums, but with technical difficulties meaning we still have only one episode out there in the ether it’s been tough maintaining enthusiasm.

Although from our side of things we have continued to work hard on Scrolls we are aware that for many of the Geek Syndicate audience (and one or two folks outside of that sphere) we seem to have just recorded one episode and given up.  Not so my friends, not so.

Announcing here and now the recording of Scrolls Episode 2  Believe The Hype tonight.  We’re still working to recover one or both of our recording attempts of Episode 1 SFX, Bogs and Mind C’ntrol , but we have decided to move ahead with the next episode in order to try to regain some momentum.  Mattie has replaced his equipment and his sound quality should be improved (though alas probably not perfect), we are also joined by my wife Clover as a permanent team-member.  She was in on the lost episode(s) and loved the experience, if not the outcome.

We have still had very little feedback on the Scrolls Book Group, but will keep plugging away for now.

The current book is Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve.

(Hint, hint)

Dion (bedevilled by rats of all shapes and sizes, but still smiling)

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  1. and just to confirm, this time the recording HAS WORKED! The whole file is accessible to me for editing and Mattie’s sound quality is now on a par with the rest of ours.


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