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I’ve finally sorted out the bit-rate issues which we’re giving barry gyp.  I think I’ve got a handle on format a little firmer now (more below on that) and Mattie is finally splashing out on a brand new computer, so hopefully all his audio issues will be resolved as of Thursday this week.

We completed recording of our nth episode on Thursday just gone –

Wait, this is getting confusing, let’s hammer this out once and for all.  Add in the ‘lost episode or not?  Include the fact that we had two go’s at it?  How to count the last episode which was broken down into three seperate sections?

Ok, here’s what we’ll do.  The pilot was the pilot, Episode 0 (or Prologue, if you will).  Ignore the lost ones, they’re not going to be found anytime soon, and we’ll probably re-work their content in some form or another into future episodes.  Having sub-divided the previous episode into Chapters (1, 2 and 3) I figure from here on in each episode will be a Chapter and simply continue the numbering.  So, to start again…

We completed recording Chapter 4 on Thursday.  There was no Mattie as he had other committments.  We tried using skype to call our house phone so that Clover andf I wouldn’t have to keep swapping over who had the microphone (a pain in the arse at the best of times, a conversation de-railer and sound-screwer at the worst. Unfortunately the sound quality was not up to much.  I sounded like I was calling in to a radio talk-show.  Never mind.  We’ll keep plugging away and eventually all the elements will combine to give us a great show with great audio quality and a great format.  And if not?  Stuff it, it’s not like anyone’s employing us for this.

The Chapter is called ‘Kick-arse Babes’ and takes a semi-rounded view of the representation of women in fantasy, sci-fi and horror.  I’ve spent my entire day-off editing it – I don’t know why it took so flipping long, but there we are.  Some things do.  Pretty pleased with it over all, though I feel we skated over the icy surface of a very deep, very wide and potentially hazerdous subject.  What will the feedback be like on the forums?  Three possible outcomes as I see it – 1 – general indifference, a few odd comments but not a lot more (as per previous episodes) – 2 – a really interesting and protracted discussion expanding to cover books we’ve not heard of or read yet, characters and authors we missed out or didn’t have time for and a real exploration of gender issues in the early 21st century or – 3 – we’ll be completely slated.

Hoping for 2, fearing 3, expecting 1.

Barry has the final recording, so just waiting for him to get it up on the site now.  As soon as it is I’ll post a link.


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