6 and counting

Long time since I’ve posted, sorry about that.  Lets see now, Chapter (Episode) 5 went without a hitch.  Fishfingers and Custard was the title, referring to the taste sensation discovered by Matt Smith’s Doctor in his debut performance in Doctor Who.  Odd combinations that just work being the premise behind our episode.  We’ve become a lot more confident over time and I think this episode demonstrates that in being by far our most relaxed and randomly wandering show yet.  We had a whale of a time recording it and I had really very minimal editing to do to get it from raw recording to internet-ready podcast.  We’re by no means Gods-of-Pod material yet but we’ve achieved stability, regularity and entertainment for both ourselves and the listeners (I hope.)

The Chapter format seems to be working well and ideas continue to flow for future episodes.  The best thing about basing the shows around themes rather than specific authors or books is that it frees us up to stretch the boundaries and bring in books that we wouldn’t necessarilly have thought of discussing otherwise.  This keeps it fresh and interesting for all of us as we never quite know where the conversation will go next.

The next Chapter is being recorded tonight – Chapter 6: Funny Stuff.  We’ll be looking at writing that has amused us from the darkly humerous to the outright comedic (and possibly taking in the laughably bad along the way).  All this is of course building up our back catalogue which is available on i-Tunes in with all the other Geek Syndicate podcasts under their network.

My stomach kind of flips when I see how long some of these shows have been running.  I’ve just started listening to Quiet! Panelologists At Work.  They got to 75 episodes and seem to have been comedy geniuses from the start.  GS itself has done nearly a hundred more than that and continues to grow and stretch.  Quite an act to follow.  I’m finding it best to just concentrate on doing one show at a time and enjoying myself whilst doing it.  Each episode I’m trying to improve on the last and gradually build something that is strong and entertaining on all fronts but also professional and engaging to a growing audience.

We now have a proper theme tune debuting in Chapter 6.  A band Clover and i fell in love with in our university days has itself been growing and changing, and is currently living and working in the USA.  We knew them when they were The Dharmas.  They had a single on the Chart Show back in the day.  They then became Steadman and released two albums and had a rave review from Paul McCartney.  Now they are London To Tokyo and at work on a new album.  I’ve had permission from singer Simon Steadman to use a couple of his tracks from the Steadman days for our intro/outro music and I couldn’t be more chuffed.

If you like the music (or are quick off the mark and want to hear the tunes before Chapter 6 even comes out) you can get all their songs and albums here for FREE.  The songs we’ve used are Life Of Leisure and Cut Me Loose from the album Loser Friendly.  Also check out the London To Tokyo site here for their latest material.  It’s all great.  Smiley smiley time!

Dion (he of the newly shaven bonce, poorly fitting tracksuit bottoms and a growing addiction to the Angry Birds application on i-touch.)

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