New episodes up! Blogger in disgrace.

Ok, so I’m seriously going to have to get back into updating this blog.  Things have been pretty busy and good in some ways recently and pretty heavy and bad in other ways.  Ah, don’t worry about it.

So since the Fey, Greys and Shades we’ve been to the Festival In The Shire and recorded a few interviews (Middle Earth Special Part 1), put out a Chapter 8 (Middle Earth Special Part 2) discussing Tolkien’s work and various adaptations, we’ve done a pilot episode for a Scrolls Book Group podcast discussing Shirley Jackson’s utterly brilliant book We Have Always Lived In The Castle and finally we’ve also put out Chapter 9 – Book At Bogtime in the last week.

Oh yeah, we’ve been working – not shirking.

For the future we’re looking at pulling together an official press release to get the word out about our show a little more professionally, we’re currently starting to pull together a crossover Christmas Party Episode with the lads from fellow Geek Syndicate Network podcast ‘Dissecting Worlds’ (a show that is well worth the listen and can be reached from the same websites as Scrolls).

I’ve also just won a ticket to go to the MCM Expo in London over the Halloween weekend.  I’ll be wearing a Scrolls t-shirt so I’ll be easy enough to spot, and I’ll probably be hanging around with the cool dudes from Geek Syndicate Barry and Dave.  There may even be a surprise appearance from my wonderful co-host Mattie.  We’d love to meet you so come on over and introduce yourself if you’re also there.  Depending on scheduling and who is there I may be able to grab an interview or two for the next episode.

I’ve written it everywhere else so I may as well post it here too…

We have a competition on for somebody with talent to create a logo for Scrolls that can go up on i-tunes and various other places.  We also need a banner designed to go on our web-pages, this blog etc.  There will be prizes, including my prized hardback Alan Lee illustrated Lord of the Rings, so you won’t go unrewarded.  More prizes to be announced as we get closer to the deadline which is…

20th December.

So best get cracking, eh?

Finally, the Scrolls Book Group.  It’s not really working on the GS Forums as they are not as well populated as they used to be.  To try to bridge the gap and form a closer, more interactive bond with our audience we’ve decided to try to bring the group to a larger stage, a podcast in which any listener can nominate a book and then join us on air to discuss it in as much depth as they like.

Nominations can be simply e-mailed to us at and we’ll be in touch to set up a date for recording (with enough gap to make sure we’ve all read the damn thing first, of course).

Want to take part?  We look forward to hearing from you.


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