Announcing Scrolls In Middle Earth

This time next month Scrolls will be doing its first bit of roving reporting.  Go us!

The Festival In The Shire is a mammoth celebration of J.R.R. Tolkien’s world and works, and this year it will be held in our neighbouring village Pontrhydfendigaid. So… not roving too far.

Covering the full three day event we’ll be poking around the fan-expo, taking in the entertainments and sitting in on some of the conference sessions.  We’ll be bringing you the sights and sounds of this unique event as well as conducting interviews with various fans, scholars and exhibitors.  Video footage will be going up on the Geek Syndicate Website and we’ll be dedicating an episode to discussing the event afterwards.

Full programme details can be found on their official website.  Check it out.

Interested in going?  Want to meet up?  E-mail us at or reply to this post.

Dion and Clover.

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