Scrolls Book Group 2010 list

Ok folks, the Scrolls Book Group is now up and ready to go.

As previously explained this is your chance to build an online community, encouraging others to read the books you love and in turn being introduced to authors and books you might otherwise have missed.

As community founders we’d just like to make sure everybody is clear from the start on the following:

– Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but backing it up with reasoning makes it more interesting for everybody.

– People of all ages will be using the forum, so please moderate your language accordingly.  Abuse will not be tolerated.

– Try to stick to topic.  If you want to really deviate please start a new thread and signpost people there.

Now, the list I’m publishing below is just the spine of the Book Group – our choices which we would like to discuss with you on the forums – but it doesn’t stop there.  Oh no.  We’d like you to think about the books that have really had an impact on you and to start discussion threads about them alongside our own.  Go as broad or intellectual as you like, dip in and out as you see fit but most of all enjoy it.

Here’s our list for 2010. (My tip would be to save your pennies and order them from the library.)

February – Cabal – by Clive Barker – (ISBN  978-0743417327)

March – Mortal Engines – by Phillip Reeve – (ISBN 978-0439982221)

April – The Book of Lost Things – by John Connolly – (ISBN 978-0340899489)

May – Spiral – by Koji Suzuki – (ISBN 978-0007179077)

June – Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? – by Philip K. Dick – (ISBN 978-1857988130)

July – Fantasy Stories – by Rudyard Kipling – (ISBN 978-0812520026)

August – We Have Always Lived In The Castle – by Shirley Jackson – (ISBN 978-0141191454)

September – Use Of Weapons – by Iain M. Banks – (ISBN 978-1857231359)

October – A Wizard Of Earthsea – by Ursula LeGuin – (ISBN 978-0140304770)

November – Ghost Stories – by M.R. James – (ISBN 978-1853260537)

December –  The Time Traveller’s Wife – by Audrey Niffenegger – (ISBN 978-0099464464)

Each month on the podcast we’ll read out some of the best posts and also direct listeners to the threads which have most caught our attention.

There will also be a thread started in the next day or two for you to post suggestions for any books which you would like us to consider for the 2011 Book Group, or even to discuss on the podcast.

See you on the forums,


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